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Search Tips
  • You may enter the first several part number characters to obtain all values within a product family. (ex: 1N4, GS1)
  • Enter full part number to target results. (ex: 1N4148W, GS1M-LTP)
  • If you do not obtain the desired results, try searching again by omitting the suffix and searching product family.
  • Search results are sorted by part number and upload date. Distributor line items with the most recent upload dates will appear first.
  • Search results enable you to click on distributors name to find information about distributor, E-Mail a RFQ, or E-Mail a PO.

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Counterfeiting of semiconductor parts is a growing problem in the industry. Micro Commercial Components (MCC) is taking strong measures to protect ourselves and our customers from the proliferation of counterfeit parts. MCC strongly encourages customers to purchase MCC parts either directly from MCC or from Authorized MCC Distributors who are listed by country on our web page www.mccsemi.com. Products customers buy either from MCC directly or from Authorized MCC Distributors are genuine parts, have full traceability, meet MCC's quality standards for handling and storage. MCC will not provide any warranty coverage or other assistance for parts bought from Unauthorized Sources. MCC is committed to combat this global problem and encourage our customers to do their part in stopping this practice by buying direct or from authorized distributors.