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SMD Thru Hole
2 x 1.2mm 3.2x2.5mm 4.1 x 1.5mm 4.9x1.8mm 7x1.5mm 8.7x3.7mm 10.4x4.06 1.5x5mm 2x6mm 3x8mm
FK122 (FX122) FK135 (FX135) FK145 (FX145) FK255 (FX255) FKFSX (FSXLF) FKFSR (FSRLF) FKFSM (FSMLF) FKT15 (NC15LF) FKT26 (NC26LF) FKT38 (NC38LF)
FK13L (FX135L)
FK13A (FXA135)
3.3V FO3HF (F32K)
Output 5x3.2mm 11.4x9.6mm
Clipped Sine FT9CV (FOX801BELF)
Clipped Sine FT5CN (FOX914B)

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