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Part # Uploaded Ctry Qty     Distributor
OD6038-12HBVXC 06/24/2017 US 84 Supplier Shopping Cart  Digi-Key Electronics
OD6038-12HBVXC 06/24/2017 CA 29 Supplier Shopping Cart  Electro Sonic Group, Inc.
OD6038-12HBVXC 06/24/2017 US 21 Supplier Shopping Cart  Onlinecomponents.com
OD6038-12HBVXC 06/24/2017 US 24 Supplier Shopping Cart  Master Electronics
OD6038-12HBVXC 06/24/2017 US 37 Supplier Shopping Cart  Arrow Electronics
OD6038-12HBVXC 06/23/2017 US 19 Supplier Shopping Cart  Heilind Electronics/ICC
OD6038-12HBVXC 06/23/2017 US 20   America II Electronics
OD6038-12HBVXC 06/23/2017 US 12 Supplier Shopping Cart  Powell Electronics, Inc.

Part # Uploaded Ctry Qty     Distributor
OD6038-12HBVXC 06/23/2017 GB 5 Supplier Shopping Cart  Gateway Electronic Components
OD6038-12HBVXC 06/20/2017 DE 5   Karl Kruse GmbH & CO KG

Part # Uploaded Ctry Qty     Distributor

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