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ASSVP-10.000MHZ-C1203/29/2017US200 Abracon Corporation
ASSVP-11.7846MHZ-R-C1603/29/2017US3 Abracon Corporation
ASSVP-18.432MHZ-D0603/29/2017US500 Abracon Corporation
ASSVP-21.0000MHZ-C0803/21/2017CN30 Pioneer Electronics Co., Ltd.
ASSVP-25.000MHZ-D02-T03/29/2017US330 Abracon Corporation
ASSVP-40.000MHZ-C04-T03/28/2017US21000Get pricing info and buy online now. Avnet
ASSVP-51.6096MHZ-C1203/29/2017US6 Abracon Corporation
ASSVP-66.000MHZ-C0403/29/2017US200Get pricing info and buy online now. Dove Electronic Components Inc
ASSVP-66.000MHZ-C0403/29/2017US600 Abracon Corporation
ASSVP-66.6667MHZ-D0403/29/2017US50 Abracon Corporation

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